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Welcome to CyberGameZone WebHosting
2016- CyberGameZone the Gaming News site is in development to be rebuilt.
2014, & 2015 several backend upgrades.
2012, Searching4Host.com was purchased by CyberGameZone.

**e107 Content Management System**

e107 Content Management System
current stable release is v2.0

Choose from either .zip or .tar.gz (preferred if decompressing on a linux-based server)
Please use an upgrade file if you already have e107 installed.

*In order to support the e107 Community and the updates to be at a single location, CyberGameZone will no longer be another site to download CMS e107. We will continue to provide themes.

CyberGameZone WebHosting customers using the e107 CMS may want to upgrade. As always, BACKUP your DataBase and Files before attempting an upgrade. We are not responsible for errors or sites crashing from an upgrade. If you would like for Searching4Host to upgrade for you, please contact support. We are happy to upgrade for you at a fee.

Please carefully perform your upgrades and let e107.org know of any problems you find.

Download HERE
*In order to support the e107 Community and the updates to be at a single location, CyberGameZone will no longer be another site to download CMS e107. We will continue to provide themes.

**NEW THINGS for 2016**
cPanel upgraded
MORE themes
Server Hardware Upgrades
Competitive Prices
As always- EXCELLENT Customer Service!

**With cPanel, you get Softaculous as a FREE feature. With Softaculous, you are able to choose a type of site and have it automatically installed in seconds.

Some CMS/Websites supported with Softaculous-
Joomla 1.6
Website Baker

Or select our most popular install of e107. Any of our staff are available to install a default e107 installation.

We hope your experience is a great one.

We offer Web Hosting for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.
If you are looking for someone to host a CMS site using e107 or PostNuke. Maybe you just want to create your own html page. Then you have found the right place.

The datacenter is located in Lansing Michigan. It has direct connectivity with MCI/UUnet, Savvis/Cable & Wireless, and NTT/Verio. Fiber connectivity to the facility is supplied by an SBC OC-48 diverse path fiber optic sonet ring. This is how we are able to offer 99.99% uptime.
CGZ Hosting was founded in early 2005 with the intention of providing not only the most stable and reliable hosting possible but to outperform other hosting companies by providing personal assistance.

Established as a webHosting business since January, 2005- CyberGameZone has been in the gaming/server community since 2002. We have been on the server owner side, gaming side, community side and support side. What is better than bringing all of those to one central location. And we bring that to YOU.

If you are thinking of using E107 as a CMS, then please download the latest files from E107.org
For Support and access to E107 Themes, you MUST be a registered member and logged in.

Some Management areas in cPanel:
# Account Management:FTP Manager.
# Disk Usage.
# File Manager.
# Directory Protection.
# MySQL Databases.
# Advanced Tools:Cron Jobs.
# Apache Handlers.

Read more about cPanel 11 @ [link]

We'd like to thank all of the members of the e107 community for their continued support.

We hope you enjoy the new release.

CyberGameZone Support (Webhosting Support)

e107 Support
e107 Homepage: http://e107.org, you will find the FAQ and documentation here.
Forums: http://e107.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php

e107 Plugins
Main Source of Plugins: E107

e107 Themes
More Themes: @ THIS SITE. Register and Log in for access **

Thank you for visiting CyberGameZone.com

**MUST be registered and logged in to gain access to downloads and demos.

Available Softaculous Scripts:

# Blogs Serendipity
# Open Blog
# b2evolution
# WordPress
# Nucleus
# Pixie
# Micro Blogs StatusNet
# Portals/CMS Zikula
# Xoops
# Joomla
# Joomla 1.6
# Geeklog
# Drupal
# Mambo
# Typo3
# e107
# Forums phpBB
# UseBB
# MyBB
# Image Galleries Gallery
# Coppermine
# Shutter
# 4images
# Wikis DokuWiki
# PhpWiki
# PmWiki
# TikiWiki
# WikkaWiki
# Social Networking Dolphin
# Elgg
# Ad Management Noahs Classifieds
# OpenX
# Kamads
# PHPads
# OpenClassifieds
# Calendars WebCalendar
# phpScheduleIt
# Mails phpList
# poMMo
# Polls and Surveys LimeSurvey
# phpESP
# LittlePoll
# Simple PHP Poll
# Aardvark Topsites
# Advanced Poll
# Educational Moodle
# Project Management dotProject
# phpCollab
# PHProjekt
# E-Commerce Zen Cart
# Magento
# Freeway
# phpShop
# PrestaShop
# CubeCart
# Guest Books phpBook
# BellaBook
# RicarGBooK
# Customer Support Crafty Syntax
# Help Center Live
# osTicket
# phpSupport
# Open Web Messenger
# phpOnline
# phpMyFAQ
# iQDesk
# PHP Support Tickets
# Educational Moodle
# Music Podcast Generator

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